Genie Oil Gas

Genie Oil and Gas

Genie Oil and Gas (GOGAS) is an oil and gas exploration company with two active, early stage exploratory and development projects.
Conventional Resources
In Northern Israel, we are characterizing a significant oil and gas resource pursuant to an exploration license from the government of Israel.  
Unconventional Resources
In Colorado, we are characterizing oil shale resources and will demonstrate in-situ technical approaches as a basis for eventual commercial operations.

In our projects, we utilize technologies to preserve the quality of ground water, reduce carbon emissions, and minimize impacts on local landscapes.

GOGAS is a subsidiary of Genie Energy Ltd., (NYSE: GNE).



  • Afek
  • Conventional

    Afek is characterizing a potentially significant oil and gas resource in Northern Israel pursuant to an exclusive, 3 year petroleum exploration license issued by the government of Israel.

  • AMSO
  • Unconventional

    American Shale Oil, LLC (AMSO) is a joint venture with Total SA to produce shale oil on federal lands in the Piceance Basin of Colorado.